Do You Have Creative Goals?

One of my favorite modern scribal-related blogs is Lindsey Bugbee‘s The Postman’s Knock. In her January 16th post she gave five creative goals to work toward this year.

Lindsey’s five goals are perfect for SCA scribes. They fit us to a tee. So I’m  describing them for you here.

  1. Don’t dwell on mistakes or mess-ups. Keep the joy in your scribal craft.
  2. Put scribal creativity into everything you can, even mundane tasks.
  3. Let your scribal force be with you. Treat yourself to something new.
  4. Surround yourself with scribal inspiration and you’ll be more creative too.
  5. Share your work with others, whatever your ability.
You can see how well these fit with scroll creation. 

It’s easy to only see the mess-ups when you create. Like in the Duchy scroll I made for Her Grace Issabell St. Charles where I painted her as a left-handed archer. That’s what I see, when I view the scroll. 

Using scribal skills daily helps you maintain and increase them. It’s like the care and nurturing of a plant if you want it to grow. This is especially true with calligraphy.

Something new could be a new thing, but it could also be learning a new to you scribal skill. Anything to expand your comfort zone.

Scribal inspirations come in many forms: facsimilie books, blogs, scribal classes, Pinterest boards, Facebook scribal groups, and other scribes. Submerge yourself.

The more ways you share your work the more you will learn. Calontir has so many opportunities for you besides original scrolls. There’s preprint painting at events, Queen’s Prize Tournament and Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion. Or you could talk with a scribal Laurel. We’d love to share with you.

There’s so much you can do this year with drive and inspiration. 

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