Photography Tips for SCA Blogging

Blog photos are a special consideration. 

Because my blog is mine (not official SCA) my photos do not have model or photo use consents. If you officially serve the Society for Creative Anachronism any “people” photos or videos must have written consent. 

If I’m not posting medieval art, I include my scanned art or use my cell-phone camera to take my blog pictures. Because visuals are vital, I have some photo tips I use.  

  • Focus on faces. When I photograph SCA activities I include people’s faces. If I’m photographing them close up, I ask for a quick picture of them with what they’re doing. Back views turn readers off unless they’re specific to the post, like perhaps in a garb project.
  • Take close-ups. While close-ups are compelling and informative, I like to have a variety of distances. I zoom in or step closer for detailed shots. I crop my photos before I post them.
  • Shoot at different heights and angles. I shoot most adult subjects at eye-level. I also move around and take pictures while kneeling, from a ladder or balcony. Occasionally these are outstanding views.
  • Consider the background. Beautiful, uncomplicated backdrops work best but are difficult to achieve given most SCA event sites. I do check to for possible trees and signs springing from people’s heads. When possible I avoid modern appearing items or crop them out later.
  • Lighting.  With my cell phone camera, I use natural light and almost never use a flash. Even so, I sometimes move around to capture an image without a shadow.
Shot in the morning and cropped to “Rule of Thirds”
  • “Rule of Thirds”.  When cropping and posting images I use the “Rule of Thirds”, placing the interest-point to 1/3rd side of the frame. Today’s cameras and photo editing apps have settings that have image guidelines to aid in following the rule of thirds.
  • Landscapes are the best shot just after dawn or prior to dusk. The light is soft, more diffuse. I love nothing more than early morning walks at Lilies War taking photos on my way to Oddessy Coffee. My  “golden hours”.
  • SCA Project Photography If you don’t want to use a dual-light system to photograph your project, take it outside near noon on a sunny day. Zoom in or crop to fill the frame with your item.
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