Damien II and Issabell’s Coronation Day Photos

HRM Ashir presents 
HG Sile O’ Kyan his Kings Favor

As I am sure many of you know this past weekend was Calontir’s Coronation. As sure as the day ends and the sun rises the Kingdom Monarchs change. And there is an event held for it.

The intimate site was wonderful, the food was tasty, the activities plentiful and the company enjoyable. 

The Barony of Mag Mor made every effort to give a medieval ambiance to the modern church’s sanctuary. The high ceiling was streamed with yards and yards of purple cloth. 
I don’t photograph every happening. My photos are fun for me and to share with you. Also, Blogger becomes less cooperative the more photos I include. I hope you enjoy these.

The day’s first court is always high in Calontir tradition. This one promised to include even more. 

Their Majesties Ashir II and Ashland had a Mongol-themed reign. The Mongols were a nomadic fighting force that gained the largest single land area in world history. Their ambiance is distinctive.

Khan Ashir removes Calontir’s Royal Crown
from the Khatan’s head, his wife.

After the traditional personal honors were presented and release of fealty given to many Khan Ashir reluctantly removed the crown from the Khatan’s head. Their reign complete he removed his crown and they walked out together.

As Ashir and Ashland leave the hall the Calontir chivalry gathers and stand ready. They protect the thrones and our kingdom from intrusion as our 67th reign’s lineage is read to all.

Our next rulers, Damien  II and Issabell, based their coronation on The Coronation Book of Charles VCharles V’s coronation book was commissioned in 1365 to detail and commemorate the rituals he underwent when becoming king. His opulent court life is shown in the remaining fine illuminated manuscripts he collected and commissioned. We were in for a high persona treat.

First, Prince Damien enters the hall surrounded by the men of his retinue and guards. His outer clothes are removed and he is seated. He is dressed by his nobles, including his shoes, spurs, and gloves. Each item has symbolic meaning.

He stands and is clothed in an opulent gold silk cote and receives the Calontir scepter, emphasizing his power as our King. His Majesty also has a ceremonial hand washing to signify a new beginning.

His Lady-wife then entered the hall to the sounds of Mag Mor’s choir escorted by her retainers and nobles. Her procession was elegant. 

Princess Issabell receiving
the Queen’s Crowon

After her ceremonial hand washing, Princess Issabell receives the Queen’s Royal Crown.

By Calontir tradition the peers of the realm are called into Their Majesties Court to swear fealty, beginning with the Knights. 

The Laurels are next to come forward and swear on the Great Sword of Estate. Sadly I have no pictures as I was among them.

Then come those in the Order of the Pelican. The many souls who tirelessly serve the Kingdom and Crown.

Others also swear on the Great Sword of Estate: the King and the Queen’s Champions, Generals and Thegns. They serve the Kingdom and this game we love to play. Their Majesties reply they accept the offered promises and will not request our service and sacrifice needlessly.
After morning court and the new reign’s beginning, many activities are available to do. Often the local group provides food for purchase, as did the Barony of Mag Mor. Some people attend meetings required by the new King and Queen. A few Calontir Guilds held meetings. Others, like these scribes, impromptly gather to share similar interests. 
The Barony of Mag Mor held another “Dirty Dozen” arts and sciences largess competition. To enter you had to have 12 of any one thing and offer them to Their Majesties for distribution later as gifts.

HL Fiondel’s Embroidered Pouches

By populace vote, the competition winner was the creator of these 12 hand embroidered pouches by HL. Fiondel Songspinner. While other entries displayed 12 items using the same skills each of Fiondel’s pouches used a different embroidery technique. 

Many enjoy food from Mag Mor’s Inn and visit with friends. Sometimes I find a person sneaking a well-deserved nap.
The day is perfect outside for armored combat. This huge tree provides shade enough for all waiting their turn or watching their loved one fight.
Calontir Steele fighters even have a shady place for practice. 

Some just delight in being outside with friends under a shady tree.
The first evening court of Their Majesties Damien II and Issabell offer much to please. They begin by presenting gifts to the visiting Northshield and Midrealm Royalty.

The Pelican’s surround HL Vilhelm in court.

They accept a boon asked to take HL. Vilhelm Lich into their Order of the Pelican.

They give Ashir a Duchy and make Ashland a Countess, presenting them with the documents and finery to attest to these honors.

Her Majesty then asked into her court, Kari Otoshi’s Daughter and Aelyn Crawley. Talking directly with them she gave them each Her Order of the Chalice.

The Queen’s Chalice members  in court
All members of the Queen’s Chalice order were then asked into court, whatever their age or current rank. His Majesty is the tallest among them.

Others are called into court to receive awards. Sadly not all were present. This displeases many, but especially Their Majesties.

A boon was then asked for HE Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill to be welcomed into the Order of the Pelican, as a great cheer given by all.

Members of the Order of the Pelican surround HE Conna

Coronation day’s evening court is when the populace, after careful consideration, swear fealty to Their Majesties. Commonly they are asked in the morning court to contemplate throughout the day what it means to them personally.

The populace swear fealty to Their Majesties Damien II and Issabell.

Kristine nic Tallieur welcomed by Their Majesties

Two other boons were begged this day. HL. Severin Svensdottir and HL. Kristine nic Tallieur are both to become members of the Order of the Laurel in the future. 

Other honors, boons, and gifts were presented. First-time attendees, by an established newer tradition, were welcomed into court and presented mugs.  

A four remove feast followed after court. Each remove was cooked by a different person. M. Gwyneth and Ly. Leofwyna cooked the first remove, Ly. Halldora the second, Ly. Isabeau and Ld. Carlos the third, and Ly. Leofwyna the fourth, sweet course. I heard the food was plentiful and scrumptious.

I love this recurring pageantry. More, I love Calontir. The people and their creations inspire me to continue what I do. 

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Calontir’s Kingdom Photographer, M. Rhianydd Arbeth, posts her numerous photos on Flicker, you can access by clicking here.

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