Barony of the Lonely Tower’s Arts and Sciences’ Revel

My SCA Selfie

The Barony of the Lonely Tower held their Arts and Sciences Championship Revel last Sunday. My favorite local event, designed to select the person who represents those activities to the Kingdom for the coming year.

It was held in the Hillcrest Mable Rose adult daycare facility, unused by them on Sundays. A free site for us, because one of our members works there.

While I’m taking pictures most people are sharing experiences, making plans for future events, and asking questions.

Lady Michelle brought this colorful indoor tent for the very young to play in.

While the populace members socialized and worked on projects, Baroness 
Giulia Isabella da Venezia and Lady Aleit de la Thomme, our former Arts and Sciences Champion, looked at each arts and sciences entry and read their brief documentation. They told me their selection was difficult to make.


There were more entries than expected, in a mixed variety of materials and techniques. So many I was unable to photograph each individually.

We shared a rich, tasty, and plentiful pot-luck meal…

…before the Baroness requested our presence at her court.

Lady Cristina la Ambeler turned her postion as Arts and Sciences Minister over to Mistress Thora Sigurdardottir.

Baroness Giulia announced HL Nikolai Kolpachnik Spinachev‘s Italian Renaissance food entry made him the next Arts and Sciences’ Champion.

HL Nikolai’s Italian Renaissance Entry

Nikolai’s entry included boiled egg whites stuffed with a paste of egg yolk, cream cheese, sour cream, and spices. The large plate held cold roast beef under sour orange and lemon slices. The small plate over the oranges offered cold sliced pork sausage poached in red wine and spices. The sauces are a sour cherry sauce for the white torte, and two mustards–one called “amicable” and the other a peach mustard. Whole fruits accompanied the cold remove.

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