Rethinking My SCA Experience

Winter War Maneuvers 2016

Yesterday was Calontir‘s Winter War Maneuvers event held by the Barony of Mag Mor about this time each year. It is a time when Calontir‘s army thrashes each other in melee skill practice, for the learning experience. It is a delight for attending SCA fighters. It’s even important if you plan to fight with Calontir at Gulf Wars XXVI, a huge camping and fighting event hosted by the Kingdoms of Gleann Abhann and Meridies.

The Barony of Mag Mor is Lonely Tower’s closest neighbor and friend. We share many activities, fighter practices, event staffing, classes,  demos, and friends. But, this year I didn’t attend. 

My absence has me rethinking my SCA life. I’ve been a member since the early 90s. I’ve learned volumes, as much as any college history or art degree, just not as organized. I’ve chased uncounted shiny metals and been diverted by them too. 

Today my life is nothing like it has been through my earlier SCA years. I am not able to be away from home for more than 4 hours. I no longer have a live-in dog watcher, but I have three dogs. Planning around them is trying.

There are other considerations too. 

I have many SCA acquaintances, but now have difficulty making friends. Lonely Tower’s remote location, without travel, limits my connections. After participating 20+ years I’m practically anonymous outside the region. 

My semi-anonymity limits my scroll assignments. This is sad. Calligraphy and illumination are my passion, but their shine is dimming from lack of use. Outside new sparkling attractions are more distracting. Something I never thought could happen.

My new SCA direction emphasizes Baronial participation. Business meetings, revels, hosted events, and scribal classes. This blog is my way to reach beyond Lonely Tower, until the time I travel to more distant events. 

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