How Can You Boost Your Scribal Confidence?

Confidence comes from physical activity. Just doing that thing you are interested in on a regular basis boosts faith in yourself. For me, it unleashed my calligraphy and illumination reliance.  

I started with little skill, as you see here. What I had was a desire to learn. To make mistakes. 

Mistakes are guideposts for a new direction, not failures. They are signs to make a change. To practice. 

I made bookmarks to practice. I made them for 12th Night gifts for friends and more. I offer you their designs here, to be the next bookmark queen before you design your own.

It is possible to learn skills from books or the internet. But, they do not provide a physical coach as a guide. You open yourself to more mistakes and must be your own critic. It is a learning process that is your own making. 

Practice builds skill but it also creates confidence. We learn not only what to practice, but why, and how. A class helps more immediately. It leads you through the motions, guides you through handling the materials and tools. You develop muscle memory through your hands and eyes along with your brain. ou In a class you do all the steps with immediate access someone who helps you discover your next safe step. 

Every teacher is a student, too. You take the risk you will have the answers your students need. I learned as much from teaching calligraphy and illumination as I did the scrolls I fashioned.

Taking risks allows us to learn. Be patient with yourself if the outcome isn’t the success you hoped. It is a chance to wake-up the talents within you.

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