Enjoyable Nerdy Starbucks Encounter.

Last week at my local Starbucks I had a most enjoyable, nerdy conversation with another customer. I am still amazed.

As I sat in an easy chair, a woman, about my age, sat across knitting and looking at a laptop while wearing an in-ear speaker. She was also talking with other nearby knitters, although they weren’t together. 

The fiber conversation morphed, somehow, into something about 16th century France. I’m not sure how it got there, but that is how I got hooked.

The other ladies left, but she and I then carried on a most enjoyable conversation. She is a retired professor whose area of expertise was 16th century France, close to my interest, 15th century Bruges. I couldn’t believe it.

She revealed her interest in women’s power during the 16th century. Saying that the matriarch was the marriage maker of that time, and more. She arranged the matches and aligned the various houses. She had stories of the time to tell.

My questions, those I had time to ask, were about France’s research lack. She indicated the research continues, but the remaining written items are so fragile it takes high qualifications to access original sources. Publication is slow and translation to English probably more so.

We left Starbucks hoping to meet again. For my part, I hope it will be soon.  

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