"Uncopyright Notice" Notice

Historiated initial of a man citing a
layman by touching him with a staff

You may have noticed I now have a copywrite on my blog. Well, it’s actually an uncopywrite. I am releasing my rights to everything I personally create here and place them all into the public domain. 

What does that include? That includes articles I’ve written or linked to my posts on this blog since I started it in December 2015. Unless I state otherwise that will apply to any future content I personally create and publish on createme365.com.

What does this mean to you? As much as you want you can use my uncopyrighted work in various ways. You could: 

  • Repost it on your own website 
  • Translate it into other languages
  • Transfer it to different media like your own articles and posts
  • Make money from what you create from my work such as selling it in ebook form or linking it to Amazon and make money.
  • Develop a scribal workshop or seminar based on my handouts

You don’t need to directly ask my permission to do these or other things. You can just do it.

If you’re not sure about something, consult your inner counsel and make whatever decision you believe is honorable. Don’t ask me about anything legal because it’s all Greek to me. Plus, I’ve already put this in the public domain.

While I am giving away the copyrights, if you reuse my work, please give me credit by mentioning my name such as “Susan Gordon known in the Society as Jehanne Bening.” Giving attribution is the honorable thing to do and doesn’t cost anything. Giving a link to my blog would be nice also. 

Please preserve my work’s integrity. You may shorten or simplify it. Or include it within other works. But, please, don’t include things that I didn’t write. 

It’s also fine if you make money from my work. If you bring more people to scribal or SCA activities and find a way to make money more power to you.

Why am I doing this? Uncopyrighting makes it easier to share the scribal and SCA ideas I present here. I’m relying on the ripple effect to spread the information. That’s what is important. Sharing the SCA and scribal skills is more important to me than owning my works.

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