Making Your SCA Life List

How many times have you sat with your SCA friends listening to stories about their experiences and creations? Did you wonder where they got the idea to do such a thing? How they even began to figure it all out? 

One way to create distinctive life experiences – SCA or otherwise – is to have a Life List. I had never considered one until the idea was given to me at my Laureling vigil. I wasn’t even sure what it was.

A collection of scribal works.

Life Lists have been around forever in various forms. Generally, they’re similar to the popular Bucket List. But a Life List is more than things to do before you die. It’s a game plan for grabbing your dream life. An activities to-do list, each entry tingling and thrilling your thoughts. 

What does a Life List have to do with the SCA? 

Many of us have dreams but fail to write them down. Writing them down takes you a step toward achieving them. In a list, they act as a buttress to strengthen and support you in your purpose. When you struggle with direction or want a personal SCA guide your Life List becomes your compass.

There is no one way to make your Life List. Although it begins with giving yourself time to consider your expectations. What do you want to do in the SCA? To have? To be?

Some entries may be desirable habits like “stay hydrated”. That’s a personal ambition to have for a war or even a busy event. A goal, but not something to impel your future efforts. 

A Life List gives you measurable intents often ones not followed by others. Over time it chronicles your adventures and dreams. Those you achieved and those you have yet to do.

What things might you put on your list? 

  • Books you want to read
  • SCA foreign events to attend
  • Craft materials to try
  • Historic places to visit
  • SCA people to know
  • Skills to learn
  • Historic things to recreate

You can try those on for size. Even better come up with your own. Create a list of SCA dreams and experiences you wish to have. Then write down the steps you think you’ll need to accomplish each one. Ask yourself “What will you need to learn and how will you do that?” 

Which direction will you take?

As you think this through remember, the idea is to aim high and unbound. Ask yourself “What do I really want to do?” Don’t think about your money, family, or ability. This is meant for the future you. Who knows what you will be then. The fewer limits you place on your plans, the better guide you create. 

Still, this is nothing more than a list. There is no pass or fail. Realize though some items may have many steps to reach an end result. Be sure you celebrate each one you accomplish. Tell others what you’ve achieved. 

Whatever you put on your SCA Life List, remember it’s not a bucket list. It is your list for living. You may even find it leads you in unexpected directions.

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