Each Scroll’s An Experiment

A Hair-raising Learning Experience

From the recent scrolls I’ve done, I decided each scroll’s an experiment. It’s an options’ string from its inception to beyond the scroll’s completion. A learning experience all the way. 

When you receive the text you choose from the different calligraphy scripts and illumination styles. Once you pick the inspirational manuscripts suited to the recipient’s persona you select individual details reflecting their accomplishments. 

There are options for materials and tools. New items to me beg for experiments to test their mettle for use. And things I’ve used a lot may be used in a new or unique way, like that forgotten ink bottle I found pushed way to the back. Is it still usable and do I even like it?   

That doesn’t include the experiments I try. Which ink is best or more period? Which black or white paint works best? Which gold paint covers better or looks more period?

I don’t think I’ve done any scroll in exactly the same manner as a prior one. Even if I’m using the same ol’ materials and tools there’s always a different way of thinking. A different way to do the same thing. A new blend of the diverse creative details. 

Through the scroll creation process, the choices you make affect its final look. The scroll’s experimental results, for better or worse.  

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