Reconnecting With More BFFs

Wow! This has been a year for reconnections and recollections. I recently visited Kansas City to visit long time friends and now Arnoud and Gillian have come to visit me. We were the closest friends before they moved to Texas in 1998.
I can’t begin to write about all the many friends’ names’ recalled, and stories shared, both former and recent. I think we talked non-stop for three days.

One day we met Dolan and Kezia to enjoy Omaha’s Old Market.

Returning to my house we shared snacks and drinks, more life histories and listened to Dolan sing his Reign For All Time. (Of course, the YouTube video doesn’t do his singing justice.)

Arnoud, Gillian and I also ate out several more times and toured Omaha together. 

One day Arnoud went to see Bellevue, NE, where they lived before they moved away. Gillian and I lazed around my house and talked girl-talk. 
We both missed our long bonding soul-mate talks.

Their last evening here was to attend another friend’s wedding. As they left for Miele’s wedding we shared how nice it was she got married so we three could deeply share and reconnect.

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