Why Guard Against Being Overfull?

Thanksgiving retaught me the meaning of “sated”. Defined as full beyond belief, or satisfyingly full. I choose to be satisfyingly full.

As a scribe, that means knowing your limits. Knowing when you have enough on your plate to do in a timely manner, whether scroll creation or personal responsibilities, like family and holidays. Lack of energy, anxiety, irritability, lack of enjoyment and more. Knowing the signs you’re burning out helps you pace your efforts.

Don’t succumb to the siren call from others for help and the desire to do it all. Learn to stop with saying “no” rather than “no problem.”

Remember, the SCA and scribes within it are volunteers. Family comes first. 
When you can’t complete a scroll in a timely manner, tell your Royal Scribe assigner you hit a snag. Give them time to finish what you began. Guard against becoming full beyond belief.  

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