Life Lessons Learned

In September 2019 I had an unforeseen illness, a fatiguing c-diff infection. To protect others, I stayed home for two weeks. My life was tv, a limited diet and rest.

Except for a tour to Philadelphia, my life returned to normal until Christmas eve. Taking Pippa for her morning walk, I fell crossing the first street intersection. The invisible ice created by the overnight’s refreezing defrosted snow threw me and I hurt my ankle. The Emergency Room doctor told me I’d broken it adding, “If you have to crack an ankle, be glad it was your left. When you break your right one, there’s no way you can drive.” As luck had it I didn’t need surgery, just a cast and crutches. But I was housebound again, except for doctor visits and the Lonely Tower Arts and Sciences Championship Revel.

Crutches are torture in a two-story home and worse if you live alone. You must pre-plan everything you do. Having purchases delivered is an enormous help. When I no longer needed crutches, I still could only lift 10 pounds, I stocked up for several weeks. My subscription expired soon.

About this time the pandemic spread. The whole SCA closed for months, keeping members safe. A necessity even though all Kingdom’s regretted it. At my age I won’t go to any large indoor gatherings. While epidemiologists consider outdoor events safer, if I go before there’s a coronavirus vaccine I’ll avoid court.

My illness and broken bone taught me how to handle staying home. I stocked up again with toilet paper, tissues, long-lasting “camping food”, cleaning and antibacterial supplies. My family thought I overreacted, yet soon I was creating masks for them. (It seems I’m the only one with a sewing machine.)

Most of us are protecting ourselves from the virus. I view social distancing and mask-wearing as assets compared to my prior immobility and confinement. They are remarkable gifts caring for my community, family, friends, and tribe. The people I hold dear.

Funny how life loops back upon itself like a crummy circumstances Mobius circling into godsends.

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