Pandemic Silver Linings

Hi. How are you faring during these unique, trying times. I truly hope you and yours are doing well. I am working on it.

It’s been a month since I’ve truly written anything to post. (Yes one snuck in I’d written ahead. You may see it show up again later.) I stopped blogging because I didn’t see how telling you what I thought about handling SCA crafts and activities related to living your life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Being isolated for weeks I now miss writing to you. Miss connecting with similarly interested people. Or simply connecting with curious readers.

I’m an introvert and dislike crowds but I didn’t like being forced to isolate. So here I am. Just me staying home like you, but with my crazy dog Pippa and sweet soft Luna cat. Unless of course you’re an essential worker. If you are thank you so much for all you do and risk for the rest of us.

My life has changed, but probably not as much as many because I’m retired. It use to revolve around the SCA, Tai Chi, grandkid sitting, local movies, casual friends and walking my dog. But the SCA cancelled all gatherings as did my Tai Chi class. My daughter arranged her work schedule so we grandparents – for our own health – didn’t have to watch her kids. And this year’s huge family Easter gathering didn’t happen. Small changes given that humanity is suffering from this crisis.

The extended inconvenient gathering limits and physical distancing are annoying. Altered shopping and resources are concerning. And homemade masks are our new fashion accessory.

As a nation I believe we will get through the struggles and loss. Realize though what you’re missing may not reappear in the same way. We won’t be the same people we were before it happened. We will have altered views I hope with positive effects.

This isolation is a unique opportunity. A lot of good things are happening in spite of its horrible tragedy. So let us consider what to do differently once we’re able to have contact with others again.

We have taken many things for granted. We abandoned the art of personal connection for digital devices. With social distancing perhaps we’ll learn personal communication’s importance. I hope we will again take part in

  • Enjoying a personal conversation without accessing our cell phone
  • Committing frequent random acts of kindness
  • Face-to-face communications at our job about common tasks
  • Appreciating people for who they are and what they do
  • Laughter and joy shared with our family during our together times
  • Appreciating the essential workers who helped us get through this tragedy

This pandemic will change the way we live in the future, but let’s be sure our changes are positive. So reflect, rethink, and be grateful for your community’s blessings. I hope with that we come through this with an enlightened, healthier perspective. Appreciate what you have and what you hope for once this is over.

You might enjoy Laura Kelly Fanucci’s point of view on this. Her poetic words tell you her hopes for how she wants things to be when this is over.

These hopes will take a bit longer for me to realize. Until there’s a Coronavirus vaccine I know I’ll prefer keeping a 6 foot distance in crowds. And my new hand washing and sanitizing compulsion will continue probably forever. Sadly, this may limit the SCA events I attend even after isolation is lifted. But not forever. I long to see you in person.

Let us appreciate each other after long being deprived of personal interaction. Let’s use this isolation’s latent benefits and turn the pandemic into good.

Your comments and discussion are welcome.

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  1. Blogging has really been a life saver for me. I truly look forward to reading comments, reading other blogs, and the interaction. David works at a company that makes the filtration medium that goes in the N95 masks so he has work. I’m home with the dog but it has been so chilly I don’t even go outside!


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