Why SCA Scrolls Are Important–Even When They’re Not Yours

One distinguishing SCA feature you readily notice is our awards. Our Society puts immense time and effort into award creation and distribution. 

Each Kingdom has its award traditions, but to me, Calontir’s are the best. Each scroll is given for an important deed by the person receiving it. Those giving them know their importance too. 

Scrolls are proudly presented by the King and Queen or their appointed Baronage. They are created and given for Peerages, Grants, and Arms, but also often for winners of a tourney, an Arts &Sciences competition, and to our youth.

HL Zaneta Baseggio‘s Calon Cross Scroll

Scrolls are important. They are personal. They have your name on it. Read in court they’re displayed for all to see. Later most are proudly framed by the receiver and hung on their wall. 

One of the memorable things I did as Arts and Sciences Champion (2002) was standing behind Their Majesties Crystofer and Margarette in Court and seeing the people’s faces receiving awards. Their surprise, awe, and joy when they were handed the award created for them are etched forever in my heart and mind. 

If you ever, for any reason, have the chance to serve a part in Court, do it. It is rewarding. And a learning experience because a lot goes on that the Populace does not see.

Scrolls are important also because of their creators. The text writers, scribes and cord makers. These artisans are in limited number whose service is precious in time and ability. 
But, why give a scroll? Why not a prize or other largess? 

I remember receiving each scroll I fortunately received. 

I received my first scroll at Lonely Tower’s 1993 12th Night Event. I’d been playing for 2 years and recently took on the office of Baronial Minister of Arts, my first office. I was talking with Lady Shiela when my other neighbor poked me telling me my name was called. I remember nervously walking before Their Majesties Steffen and Lile and kneeling in front of the King. He briefly talked to me saying “Since you are now an officer We thought you should be made a Lady.” I was so proud. I thought “If I never receive another award I couldn’t be happier.” I remember too stepping on my dress as I stood up to bow and leave. And 
I remember all this when I look at the artful scroll I have memorializing that milestone.

I have a large basket-full of tokens and pewter ones I’ve sewn on my pilgrim pouch. Only one of them do I remember receiving, but it also came with my name on a scroll, Calontir’s Arts and Science Champion (2002). The others I’ve forgotten why I have them. 

M. Alianora Jehannette des Amandiers
scroll displayed in Court.

Scrolls are also important for the inspiration they give you. When they’re raised in court they elicit a desire in some to hone their skills and experience more of history and the SCA. They elicit the aspiration to meet the beautiful, detailed, time-taking skills scribes freely give for the joy of others.

There’s also the after-glow you have when you receive a scroll in Court; people telling you “Congratulations. It’s well deserved”, asking to see your beautiful reward and talking to you about your success.

I’m delighted with the scrolls I’ve received and don’t yearn for other honors. But, I do look at my friend’s scroll-art hanging on their walls and think, “I wish I had a scroll made by that scribe. Their work is so beautiful”

So, when you receive a scroll, thank the scribe who made it for you. And, if you are a scribe, create each scroll to be the best inspiration anyone sees.

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Framed, HL Zaneta’s Calon Cross Scroll

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