You, Me And Change

Dear Readers.

I had a whole post written for you today, but after reading Jeremy Young’s summary of the 20 page Imperial College’s COVID-19 Report about the plague’s possible outcomes my post seems pointless.

Being informed is always important. But sometimes new information seems scary because it challenges everything you know. What you learn may possibly change your life forever.

This is a time where living without information will affect your life dramatically. Knowing it will make your future more reasonable as things change. So I encourage you to at least read Young’s summary as I did.

Because our lives will change dramatically, I’m taking time off from here to rethink my blog’s path as my usual topics now seem irrelevant.

Having you in my life means the world to me. Please do all you know and possibly can do to stay well during the Coronavirus Crises.

May you and all who matter to you stay safe and well.

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  1. I would encourage everyone to look at the paper itself or read the Imperial College’s summary of the paper.

    The figures referred to in Jeremy C Young’s summary speak to a scenario in which no measures are taken to mitigate or suppress the illness, which the paper views as unlikely considering the steps that have already been undertaken in the US and UK. The state of Kansas just cancelled all school for the rest of the year as a precaution and public gatherings are being limited. As long as we continue to avoid large gatherings, practice social distancing, and those of us at greater risk from the disease self-isolate, the outcomes need not be as bad as predicted by a non-expert who is just as rattled by the virus as you and I. (I’m due to have a baby in June, so I’m pretty anxious.)


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