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Norse Kris Kinder Hat Tweaks

In the past, I’ve given you a few scribal tips. I hope they helped and didn’t cause frustration. But little I write here is a rule. It’s for fun.

The only rules are those given by the Monarch,  SCA Corpora or the Kingdom. Each Kingdom sets laws and passes authority to officers. Some are more specific than others as they affect scrolls.

Here I write about two things. 1) scribal history, methods, processes, concepts, materials, and tools.  2)what and who I see at SCA activities. At times these may include humor, opinion, and philosophy.

My tips are short hopefully helpful pointers and usually clues to making something easier to do. They aren’t rules.

SCA scribes work in two worlds the historic and the current. Some are more in one than the other. M. RanthulfR AsparlundR is very historic. While I don’t  know him, he seems like someone who dawns garb to create a scroll. Others only use modern materials and methods without exploring beyond. I have worked in the historic world at times but lean to the more current now.

A scribe more closely aligned with one philosophy may see a tip aligned with the opposite as useless. So more goes into appreciating a tip or tweak than seen on its surface.

Tip To Help
Thumb Pain

Tips may be less useful depending on the environment in which they are done. The biggest example for those is gold leafing tips. Humidity and modern day’s thinner leaf influence the gold leafing process dramatically. That means what works for one day or for one scribe might not work for another, no matter their philosophy.

Tips can be useful and educational. They are for the curious and interested. They are fun because they carry a hint of knowing something others don’t. Even so, tweaks are not the final word.

I don’t know everything. I make mistakes and messes too. They are treasured learning experiences. You know, that thing you get when you don’t get what you want. Some become tips to share with you. 

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