St. Augustine Road Scholar Wrap-Up

I thought you’d like to have all my St. Augustine tales in one place and wrap this up.

Day 1. Road Scholar Trip to St. Augustine – Photos

Day 2. Road Scholar Trip to St. Augustine Continued

Day 3. Road Scholar Trip Part 3

Day 4. Road Scholar Trip – Flagler Day

After breakfast the last morning Eddie-Joyce Geyer – another re-enactor – recapped our week’s events. She summarized the history placing a hat from each era on one of us.

Eddie-Joyce Geyer is the sweet lady second from the row’s left end.

I fell in love with St. Augustine and miss it even now. Not just the sun and beach. This trip was more than a place for a winter vacation. It was a visit to history and its stories. I also made new friends I may never see again.

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