Largess: The Art Of Regifting

Largess Display “Back In The Day”
Calontir’s summer Coronation is just around the corner. it’s being hosted by the Barony of the Lonely Tower. I hope you’ll come.
The event will include a largess display. “What’s that?” you say. In short “largess” are gifts given generously. 
In the SCA largess is given by Monarchs or the Baronage to show their graciousness and hospitality. A peerage candidate might gift largess when you visit them at their vigil, too. Since these people are not independently wealthy their regal gifts come from their friends and you, the populace. Things you give for that purpose are “largess” too. 
There are two largess types: giftable and just plain elegant.  Both are better if they’re handmade, showy or reek elegance. 

Anyone may give largess, but as a scribe or book artisan, I suggest these things to display and present. 
  • You might make: paint brush carrier or holder, beginner paint kit, notecards, bookmarks, blank border scroll, scroll carrier, notebooks, medallions, narrow-woven braid or cords. 
  • You could buy and give: Bristol board pads, pergamenata sets, period-like u-shaped scissors, and inkwells.

Including your handmade largess in a display is an excellent chance to show your quality work to a wide audience, including Royalty. With your name and group visible for all to see you gain name fame. 

With your largess gift possibly being given to anyone, there are things to consider and maybe avoid. Scented items give some people headaches or make them sneeze. And many among us have food or drink allergies. 

Largess items must be transported to events and packing space is limited. Baskets with handles or wooden chests need Tetris-player packing skill. Fragile and difficult handling items like filled beverage bottles may not arrive whole. 

Circlets, white or red belts, and chains that could be mistaken as reserved for a knight are too specific for many receivers. And candy and cookies might tempt the retinue.

Largess takes regifting to a new level. It’s planned, crafted, organized, displayed and appreciated by the giver and the chain of receivers.

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