Inktober Regrets

If you look back at last month’s posts you’ll realize I couldn’t keep up with the Inktober project challenge I encouraged you to follow. I had the best intentions when I wrote the post. And the concept is amazing. But life happened and I just couldn’t do it.

I did begin the project. I created a bookmark blank outlining the design with a micron pen. And I discovered two new modern ink pens I love. The first is a set of glitter gel pens and the other a multi-color ball point pen. And I came across both accidentally.

I found the glitter gel pens at Barnes and Nobel’s Book Store because I found myself sans any pen. I had to have a pen so I bought the cheapest I could find. Unfortunately it had to be in a set. Go figure.

The pens are Ooly Radiant Writers Glitter Gel Pens. The ink flows smoothly and stands up on the page. Its colors are intense glittery fun. The package says the inks are acid-free. And are suitable for ages 6 and up.

I’ve used them for more than notes and sketches. And now keep the black one in my billfold for writing checks. They will be fun to share with my creative grandkids as well as my apprentice Astrid, a sometimes mature creative kid.

The multi-colored ball point pen I found checking out at my local Dollar General store. It was a total impulse buy. I thought a $1 for the stylus tip the pen has made it worth a buy. And it did. The stylus is perfect. Not to stiff or soft. But I never expected its other details would be great too.

The pen’s grip is large. Perfect for my aging hand. But the astounding thing is how smoothly the ink flows from every single ball point cartridge. I like it so much I went back later bought five more because that may be all the store ever stocks again. And I can’t find it on Amazon.

So it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying new ink systems and uses. But then my Philadelphia Road Scholar trip happened.

As I wrote before I rescheduled my pre-booked Road Scholar tour for an earlier date than I originally planned. I’ve posted about how much the tour had for us to do. Beyond daily note taking all I could do in ink was a few sketches. While I did that I don’t feel the pictures blog worthy. I’m sorta picky.

After I returned I was blessed with a competition challenge and the large deadline project the annual update of the Lonely Tower roll of arms. These both involve outlining by micron pens, but nothing new and noteworthy with either project. I’ve posted about both processes before.

I’ve seen many inking tools used in various styles. Eventually we each work into our preferred methods. Inktober is a fun way to explore outside that comfort zone. I tried. I hope to do better next year.

Did you explore outside your comfort zone during October? What did you find new to be inky creative. I’d love to know.

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