Inktober Is Coming

You may be asking “What is Inktober”? It’s sort of a weird name, right? Something cobbled together from “Ink” and “October”. And you’re right. But it’s more.

Inktober” is an artist challenge dreamed up by illustrator Jakes Parker. Its original purpose was to improve his personal inking skills. But the challenge has been taken on by others.

Inktober’s primary rule was drawing something in ink everyday for a month. Easy right?

The website encourages you to take pictures and post them. My goal is to just do it. Because – as in my SCA motto “Gloria in Facto” – there is Justice In The Doing.

You can use any kind of ink. Dip pen, micron pen, cartridge pen. As an SCA scribe you might choose a quill or bamboo. You can use any inks you want commercial or self-produced, modern or medieval. You can do this in a sketchbook or on single pages.

You could also use Inktober to practice your calligraphy for a month. Each day a different phrase. Each day a different script. Each day a different pangram.

The fun is your efforts don’t have to be perfect or extensive. It’s up to you to determine what qualifies as answering the challenge each day. You’re the only one that will know or judge your effort.

Parker’s intent was to improve his illustration sketching skills. But I see it as an excellent scribal experiment and personal challenge. To play with new scripts, different papers, unique inks.

To help you out here’s an ink pen video review of ink pens types by Steve Mitchell. From micron pens to dip pens to brush pens Steve describes them all.

Ink Pen Roundup for Watercolor Line & Wash Video
by Steve Mitchell Published on Oct 10, 2016

So take the challenge. So test those presents you acquired as well intended gifts but haven’t used on a scroll. Up your inking scribal skills this October. Whatever your ability now I know you’ll see progress. Daily steps help.

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