Prepping For Lilies War

My spare room being used for Lilies prep.

Every year I go to Calontir Lilies War and this year is no different. What’s different is what I’ve realized from doing this annually.

It is important you purge your hygiene and health products each year. When I started paying attention to dates on the personal products I took to Lilies my home stash reduced by half. Also, products I grabbed in a hurry didn’t occasionally smell or taste funny because I replaced them with new ones regularly. This annual purge wasn’t something I did before thinking about it each year for Lilies.

An annual prep for a huge event like Lilies also gives you a push to have your camping garb repaired, washed and ironed all at the same time. As you do this it’s easy to take stock in what’s needed to update your wardrobe and accessories. I also make a “to do list” and work on those after the event, while I still have the Lilies thrill in my head and heart.

As I prep I also search for the gear I put down with out thinking about it after coming back from the last War I attended. And where’s the hammer for my tent pegs? Oh yeah, I loaned it to someone and now I need to buy a new one.

Organizing your SCA horde just naturally happens as you prep for a large long event like Lilies. The stuff you remove makes you organize what you don’t take as well as what you do. It also helps me make sure the things I’ve recreated are maintained. And the best is when you find that missing part you need but couldn’t find. The one that makes something else work perfectly.

Annual events are important for more than what they do for the day, or ten, as  they happen. They help you organize and plan ahead both within and without your SCA life. They inspire you to do more, improve and keep going.

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