Article Review: Starting and Maintaining A Scribes Guild

As I am planning things for the coming scribal classes, I found an excellent handout about starting and maintaining a scribes’ guild. While my intent for our classes was to continue on from the information provided at the recent Barony’s scribal introduction class, not to form a guild, the information in Hillary Rose Greenslade’s article is relevant and helpful. 

She includes topics that are organizational, financial, and resourceful. Written for use in the SCA, its concepts could apply to any start-up art group supported by a broader organization, such as a church or community center. Her article cheerfully guides you through all operational stages and could serve as an entry guild leader job description.

If you are reading my blog and want to start a local scribal group, within or without the SCA, Hillary’s article is just what you want to read.

Be sure to check my Scribal Resources Page for recent additions.

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