Transforming Calontir Scribes

M. Aidan as the new KMOAS
 at Kingdom Arts and Sciences event.

If you went to the recent Calontir Arts and Sciences event you saw Aidan kennara Corcrinn become our new Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMOAS). What you didn’t see there is what a fast worker she is.

Already M. Aidan is reorganizing all things scribal for the Kingdom. She’s adding all book arts to the scribal fold and streamlining how we work together. She hasn’t even had the job one month.

As the KMOAS, M. Adan is seeking a new Falcon Signet and leader for our expanded community. M. Elynor of Glastonbury more than served her tenure and deserves a break after her outstanding efforts.

The incoming Signet will serve the whole book arts community-all pigmenters, parchmenters, paper-makers, text writers, and bookbinders. But what do you do as the Calontir Signet?

The Falcon Signet is first a cheerleader for us all. Encouraging us by doing three main things: communicating, educating, and archiving.

M. Aidan is asking the new Signet to create “how-to” guidelines describing the best, most accepted way to do book art things and update our 2004 Scribes’ Handbook to show how Calontir book artisans create awards today.

The Falcon Signet also assists Their Majesties as needed. While most incoming Monarchs know what persona style awards they want, some need assistance finding the person to do the job or to design them. The Falcon Signet helps Their Highnesses find the right person for the Royal Scribe job or inspiring manuscripts and texts for their use. 

The Signet also keeps a record of each reign’s award designs. In the future, these will be recorded digitally and possibly combined with the Falcon Banner‘s existing Scroll Archive Project. The Falcon Signet also oversees the Backlog Scrolls Clerk and the Guild’s activities. 

Me teaching a RUSH class
on paint production.

As your cheerleader, the Falcon Signate is constantly seeking new talent, encouraging skill development and fostering enthusiasm for book arts. To be sure you have the opportunity to learn more the Signet, with the RUSH Chancellor, seeks out teachers for a full range of classes to be offered throughout the Kingdom. 

As Signet it’s also enjoyable, whenever possible, to meet with signets from other Kingdoms and share ideas. The best ideas may be gleaned and tweaked for use in the Calontir Way and ours shared with others.

There is no rank requirement to hold the Falcon Signet office. What you need is to have overflowing joy in the book arts done the Calontir Way and a huge desire to contribute to your community and Kingdom. 

I’ve been a Falcon Signet, as has M. Aidan. We both felt great pride serving Calontir and its scribes. You will too. Transform the Falcon Signet’s traditional role.

KMOAS Email:

To email M. Aidan click –>

More information about how to apply is found on the Calontir Kingdom webpage.

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