Calligraphy And Illumination Holiday Gift-making Ideas

Illuminated Angel Pictures
 In My Home 

Our gift-giving season is fast approaching. It’s a busy time of the year for everyone. Often I’ve created gifts with calligraphy and illumination, especially 12th Night gifts. 

Calligraphy and illumination are useful for gifts within and without the SocietyI’ve made gifts of bookmarks, small illuminations, and a birth certificate for my grandson. He are others you could make:

  • Illuminated angel picture
  • A decorated personal thank you note to a special person. 
  • Depending on your the luck of your draw, you might create a Nobelesse Largesse swap item.
  • If you are a bookbinder or know one, you could decorate book ends.
  • Handmade bookplates make great small gifts or auction items.
  • Persona or modern family heraldry 
  • Personally designed mandalas
  • Certificates for graduations, weddings, ketuba, and births.
  • Bookmarks
  • Greeting or gift cards that are blank inside.
  • Personalized stationary
  • Labels for that special cooks homemade foods
  • Personal illuminated zodiac or birth signs

There are many ways to use calligraphy and illumination within and outside the SCA. Patricia Carter in her book The Art of Illumination gives instructions for making her modern versions.
You may find similar items for sale in Etsy shops.

I’ve framed pictures from my Championship entry displayed on my living room wall. You might also make scanned and printed copies of your art to snail-mail friends for a gift-giving holiday.

Those are my gift-giving holiday ideas. Hope one or some work for you. If not this year maybe next. 

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