Calontir’s Clothiers Seminar XXXI

I went to Clothier’s Seminar XXXI, yesterday. I always enjoy this event so much. 

Clothiers is a fun time, with varied clothing class subjects by a plethora of instructors. It’s the perfect place for you to learn historical clothing history, design and construction. 

I found the perfect class for me. Burgundian dress history and construction. That’s exactly my persona’s time and place, and where I am known as Jehanne Bening.

Not interested in classes? There are other compelling things you can do. 

There are merchants selling wondrous wares and displays of other peoples’ marvelous historical clothing. You might connect with someone that creates the culture’s clothing and style you want to wear.

I have a few pictures to share with you. They  show some of the things I saw and my friends’ activities. They’re a tasty sampling.


Down this long hall, you see clothing displays to the left and merchants’s to the right.

Fabric, yarn and fiber craft tools give siren calls to passing artisans.

This Clothier’s Seminar included an exceptional memorial presentation of Master Sashatec’s numerous gorgeous creations. The hall display featured many and the Walk Through History, after lunch, included many more.

M. Sashatec was prolific and creative in his historic constructions. His works will gratify their owners for years to come. But, his humor and warmth will be deeply missed by his numerous friends. 

Inside the commons hall people take their ease, share clothing chatter, and admire each other’s handiwork. Many casually converse, making small-talk about their day’s travels or, what else,  the snowy weather.

You see various distinctive clothing styles at every turn, such as this Roma Vestal Virgin‘s attire worn by Konstantia Kaloethina


                                    Others, like Aleit de la Thomme take time to work on projects.

This lovely outfit displays Gabbi’s silly side enthusiasm. Just what you want, a medievalist tutu. I think I’ve seen it all, now.
And now, the Walk Through History fashion show to please Their Majesties, and all attending.  Unfortunately, my seat did not provide a front view, so this is the only photo I took. You can see more photos of the Walk on The Falcon Banner.

After The Walk Through History, I was in the Burgundian dress class and a meeting until Court.

Here you see Aleit de la Thomme receiving a Calon Swan art award from Their Majesties, Matsu and Elena.

Here you see my view as part of the court presentation for Victoria de Sauvignon, as she was admitted to Calontir’s prestigious Order of the Calon Lily.

Thankfully the trip home, though late, was easy. Visiting all the way home my two riders and I shared our day’s happenings. A grand finale to our fun day. 

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