Throwback Thursday: Pennsic War XXIII

Woman with a scooter. Handlebars covered with a paper-mache horse's head.
Me and someone’s scooter disguised as a “horse”.

This goes back 21 years to Pennsic War XXIII. My 13-year-old daughter and I had more fun than a passel of puppies! 

We’d been in the SCA about 4 years. Just enough time to acquire: 

  • enough period-style camp clothing
  • enough camp gear
  • tent camping experience
  • SCA background information
  • resources to care for our pets at home

Why so much preparation? What’s the big deal?

Thousands of cars parked on a hill with many tents closer in front.
Camping  in front of cars parked on “Iron Hill “

Pennsic War is the SCA’s largest single annual event. Over 10,000 people attend each year. It lasts way over a week, each August. It is phenomenal, really! 

The shopping and classes alone keep you busy for days. If you’re a fighter you can take part in battles that truly compare to medieval-sized conflicts. (Sorry, no decent fighting photos.)

Many people in medieval clothing socializing under a huge purple and yellow tent.
Post-court mingling under the Calontir pavilion.

Besides watching battles, shopping and classes, I ate and drank amply at Calontir’s Wednesday Cocktail Party and saw its Court on Friday. Here’s a link I found to the huge activities list for Pennsic XXIII.

I have a few other photos, but the top is the only one of me. I’m usually who has the camera.  

Just Fun
Medieval pavilions along Cooper's Lake shore with a forest background
Enchanting treed view across Cooper’s Lake

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