Better Together, Calontir’s Scribal Community

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been a Calontir scribe for 15 years and an illuminator longer than that. It took me too long to become part of our scribal community because I’m timid. I may be loud, but I don’t like to intrude. 

I wish I’d understood earlier the meaning of Calontir’s Scribes’ Guild.

When I became part of the scribal community I made friends that enjoy doing things I enjoy, too. We shared stories, supplies, projects, and possibilities.

Calontir scribes learning how to make paint from powder.

They understood my craving to learn, to be worthy, and be accepted. 

The scribal community understands the newer scribes’ needs, too. Sharing and caring are what they do best. The community is also the best, least costly way to learn new skills in person. We each were newbies once, even if we were already talented artists. 

In the Middle Ages the guild set production standards and expectations. It controlled membership and specified training. Today, Calontir’s scribal standards are maintained through courses and scroll assignments offered. We each have knowledge holes we hope to fill. I know I do.

The Calontir Scribes’ Guild has a Facebook online community, the Falcon Scribes. Along with personal friendships, the Guild meets twice a year, traditionally at Lilies’ War and Kris Kinder. You may also contact the guild head for information with an email to .

Most SCA Kingdoms have their own guild or scribal community. Be sure to check yours out, whatever your ability. 

You might also want to take part in the public SCA Scribes’ Facebook group. Its files contain an information wealth; its members are eager to provide answers to your questions.

Don’t be shy, like I was. The scribal community benefits from its members as much as you benefit from it. 

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