7 Scribal YouTube Playlists

I prize the Internet for its ability to teach. If you know what you want to find and how to find it, so much is available. Very different than when I came up as a scribe.

It does make your ability to critique your findings more important. To wonder about your resource’s accuracy, authenticity, and appropriateness.

That is true with print media too. More so in self-produced media. Yes, even my blog.

For your scribal interest, I give you seven playlists. They will keep you busy for hours, especially the last one.

They provide basic information and in-depth manuscript knowledge. If you haven’t already found them, they will expand your knowledge. Many are enjoyable to view again.

YouTube Gouache and Paint Basics Play List
Illumination 3 introductory videos I collected on a YouTube playlist. They introduce gouache and color mixing.

YouTube Calligraphy Tutorial Playlists

YouTube Scribal Playlists

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