The Stalking Scribe

M. Rolf in stealth mode.

I’m a skilled stalking scribe, researching the recipient’s SCA persona and related interests. It scares me how adroit I’ve become.

Facebook made this easy. I can snag scroll motifs from the recipient’s photos. Pictures of pets, garb, crafts, family. I no longer have to sneakily talk with their seneschal or friends about their interests.
Things improved even more in January 2014. Calontiri received a new online resource about themselves, the Calontiri Wikispaces. It’s a place to present information about your persona and life. You might include your heraldry, a personal picture, interests, accomplishments and more.
A culture wiki is a wonderful asset for individuals and groups. You would think everyone would want one. Most scribes hope you do.
Having all the information a scribe needs in one place will save them time. Their scrolls will turn out even better if they don’t have to stalk you to get your information.
A culture wiki isn’t the complete answer to a scribe’s dream. It’s another handy tool.
It can also be a persona research tool for yourself. There’s an amazing number of questions you could answer for it. Try some on this Persona Wiki Worksheet  or on M. Modar’s Persona Question page.
Unfortunately, not everyone will have a personal wiki page. A good one takes time to create. You also have to remember to edit it annually.
Some people feel putting information online about themselves is unsafe or threatening. Some jobs may not approve and the information can link back to you. Though you all know me here, I’m still thinking about it, even though I can choose what I want to post.
I’ve been lucky researching information for scrolls, but not everyone is. Sometimes the lead time is so short you do the scroll in the Monarch’s style. If it’s a made on site “combat” scroll the recipient get’s what you have in your head, or can pull from a brief satellite hook up.
Having persona information in a wiki is convenient and educational. But for those other times, it’s important a scribe has quality persona stalking skills.

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