Framed, HL Zaneta’s Calon Cross Scroll

This is unique and special. Amy Dreyer, known as Lady Beatrix in Calontir, posted a picture of HL Zaneta Baseggio‘s Calon Cross scroll after she framed it. I never get to see a scroll’s end result. This is fabulous.
HL Zaneta Baseggio’s Callon Cross Scroll Framed
When I create a scroll, if possible, I want it to fit a standard size frame so the recipient can save money to display it. Amy went extra miles to custom frame Zaneta’s award. The frame itself appears to be a Renaissance-era repeating pattern of gold acanthus leaves. It echoes the border I emulated on the award. She also included a double mat.

Amy described her selections to me on our Facebook‘s group SCA Scribes and Illumination:

The uppermost mat is a shiny black that looks pitch black under glass, I used it since you had such an intense black on the border … Inside that is a fillet, chosen because the pattern matches the inner lip of the frame. Under that is a green mat board I chose because it blended the best with the color of the foliage… The frame itself was actually the last bit of a discontinued moulding that we had made into a ready made frame …

Amy’s thoughtful choices made Zaneta’s scroll into a truly prized work. Thank you.

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The Frame Shop, Ames, Iowa

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