Size Matters: Giraude Benet’s Laurel Scroll

Project Title:
Giraude Benet’s Laurel Scroll
Project Date:
December 9, 2017
Text by:
Malachi von Uri
Inspiration for Text:
Translation by:
Jehanne Bening
Jehanne Bening
16 x 20 inches 
Pergamenata heavyweight natural 
Notable Techniques:
Gilding and interlinear lining.
Early/Proto- Gothic
Mitchell 1 mm dip nib and Hunt 512 pointed dip nib
Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink and dilute Artist Loft (gouache for filigree).
Inspiring Manuscripts:

Walters Ms. W.82, Psalter-Hours created ca. 1315-25 in the region of Ghent, slightly later than M. Giraude’s persona, but pretty.

Other notes:
Largest scroll I’ve done, first time I used Tresser’s gilding size adhesive, multiple size letters, fine line dip nib and interlinear lining. Gold was a pain, started with Instacoll and removed it before trying Tresser’s, which was better. Natural perg doesn’t show in photo.

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