Haiku From A Broken Ankle

It’s not easy to keep yourself entertained when you spend your life on the couch or on crutches, not able to walk or easily go up and down stairs. There’s TV, books, and digital devices but sometimes it’s fun to do something different. So I wrote a few tanka.

I enjoy writing tanka to express my feelings, ideas, and love for nature. It’s a simple way I can think and write about things I observe and appreciate, especially those in nature.

Here’s my best one so far.

My Cairn Terrier Pippa
missing her nature walks with me.

Broken ankle bone

slowing my pace to naught.

Exhausting my life.

Silver lined clouds in my view

conceal my robust future.

I’m only just learning to write with metaphors and tankas are a great place to start. The nature included in them is often used to describe more than what it seems. Something that doesn’t come easy to me as I tend to write like a science college student. Straight forward, fact based and unadorned.

You can write your own tanka. If you want help here‘s a great place to start. And for giggles compare mine to other English writers you find here and tell us what you think. Good or bad I want to know.

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