Apprenticing and Cattle Raids 2019

On August 24th the Barony of Mag Mor, Lonely Tower’s nearest and dearest cousins, held their annual Cattle Raids event. It included so many activities. Camping, archery, arts & sciences competition, artisan show-and-tell and martial arts. I always see it as a photo op safari. I usually spend the day scoping out views to snap both on the field and indoors. This time was not different.

From The Field

Let the fighting begin.
Their Majesties Anton and Yseult at the field.
B. Aleit and B. Augusting enjoying the fighting

After a few outdoor shots I headed back inside. Today was a big day for me. I was taking as my apprentice the Honorable Lady Astrid Esbjornsdotter.

We had planned the ceremony but she wanted to include a hospitality table. Astrid loves providing beverages at Lonely Tower events and today she and I wanted to add nibbly bits. I wanted her to have a display for her SCA arts and crafts too.

Astrid’s photo of me she called “Bouncie Feet”

While setting up and maintaining the hospitality and display were things we wanted to do. It did restrict my usual activity participation and photo scouting opportunities. After some energy spent moving tables and the lattice divider around I sat down for a bit to chat. That’s when Astrid snapped a photo of me. Just wish she’d caught me smiling.

HL Astrid Esbjörnsdotter

HL Astrid joking with HL Gervase de Glanville the pouch maker.
Hospitality table and display. (The tapestry was purchased and used for ambience.)
Astrid’s Body of Work display
Engraved and colored bone.
Painted leather archery arm guard.
Calligraphy and Illumination
Lonely Tower’s Excellencies check out Astrid’s display.

This day was HL Astrid’s. But sadly I don’t have photos of her apprenticing to share with you. I was a bit busy being the Laurel.

Immediately after that everyone got ready for court. And we put away the hospitality and display so Mag Mor could set up for their scrumptious feast that followed it.


Their Majesties opening court.
The Baron and Baroness of Mag Mor, Vilhjálmr Hálftroll and Gyða glóra
Count Sir Volkmar describing the days fighting.
Knights swearing fealty.
Laurels swearing fealty.

It took me way too long to get this to you, my wonderful readers. Sadly after going home I experienced a health dilemma that slowed me down and sucked my energy. I have recovered my strength and will press ahead. Hope you enjoyed the photos even though they are a bit late. Please share them if your want but the artwork belongs to Astrid alone. She deserves the credit for her beautiful work.

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