Internet Round Up 4: Armour and Illuminated Manuscripts

Morgan M.456   Avis aus roys

Folio 34v, 1340-1360 A.D., Paris, France

Manuscript Miniatures is not exactly what you think it is from its name. It is a medieval armor research source with insight through illuminated manuscripts.  

The website’s intent is to make it easier to hunt for online digitized images from numerous manuscripts. A way to quickly view 15,000+ miniatures from 1500+ manuscripts of 15+ countries. It’s not a manuscript holder, so once you find an image you’ll want to verify its accuracy. 

But that’s easy. By clicking on the picture you’ll find its source.  You can then verify its accuracy with the manuscript’s owner.

Manuscript Miniatures has a tagging method that’s innovative. The labels are created by viewers sometimes with interesting spellings or descriptions. It’s also why you might find unique images included within a tag.

As a scribe, you might not find illumination’s common term for things either. Its brickwork and brick pattern tags are what you’d call “diapering”.

One of its best tags is ‘elephant‘. Its 75 images show Medieval people had little idea what an elephant looked like. 

But there’s more for you here than illuminated manuscripts. From this web page, you can tab to other similar item categories with separate URLs like  Armour In Art, Effigies & Brasses, and Aquamanilia. Each offers similar ways to search. Its Effigies & Brasses’ Links also connect you to related external armoring information. 

While this isn’t exactly a blog round-up, it is a work-in-progress webpage collection with contributions welcomed. And I thought they were too good for you to miss.

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