5 Inspiring History Recreation Blogs – An Internet Round-up

How about an inspiration boost? Websites you might browse to charge your creative history juices. An Internet Round-up.
Here are five blogs from different eras each painting their own authenticity recreation picture. Your introduction to their personal history journey.
This pretty is from a Book of Hours
Belgium, Bruges, ca. 1520
MS M.307 fol. 174v
I enjoy losing myself in photos and stories other history buffs have. I search their projects and event descriptions imagining how they created their works whether clothing, hunting, manuscripts, embroidery or more.
I know you’ll find these inspiring.
Anachronistic and Impulsive Ancient Rome and Byzantium in the Current Middle Ages.

Exploring the medieval hunt describes renacting everything involving the medieval hunt around late 14th century. Sadly it’s no longer active.

Medieval York: Eulalia Hath a Blogge is about her adventures in recreational medievalism during the reign of Edward Longshanks. This one is also dormant.

Miriam’s Middle Eastern Research Blog to help spread knowledge on the lands of the Islamic Middle East (known as the Dar al’Islam) from the fall of the Roman Empire to 1600 C.E.
St. Thomas Guild is a medieval reenactment group centered in Nimweghen, the duchy of Gelre around 1370 (currently the Netherlands). Medieval woodworking is its focus but sewing, embroidery, and jewelry are sometimes included.

Interesting? I thought so.
Please let me know what you think. You can do that in the comments thing below, if you like. I enjoy when you reply.

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