Why I’m Organizing The RUSH Book Arts Seminar

You may have noticed I’ve stepped up my local SCA participation. It’s difficult for me to get away from the Barony so I’ve decided to do more here, taking on more event and local jobs.  

Book Arts RUSH Flyer

I coordinated crash space at Bardic Bedlam, Arts & Sciences competitions at Coronation, and now I’m the Barony’s Social Media Officer. 

But my bigger project now is organizing a future RUSH Book Arts Seminar. Something Ly. Zafara and I dreamed up. 

This idea sprang from the Calontir Kingdom’s Arts and Sciences Minister, M. Aidan‘s plan to put bookbinders, text composers and manuscript supplies’ producers under the “scribal” umbrella. So. why not have a day of classes including all those skills?  

That’s my main thing now. Making that happen. 

First I found a site. Wonderfully it’s economical. It’s the Grace United Methodist Church whose minister is also a Lonely Tower member. And she’s also going to cook a long-time tavern for it. That’s a plus.

Next, I filled out and submitted a bid to the Lonely Tower Financial Committee. It passed easily.

Then I designed an event flyer for Calotir’s e-newsletter, the MEWS. I downloaded Inkscape from the Microsoft store. Inkscape a user-friendly free publishing program. Especially if you also find a tutorial with a guide that works for your project.

Ly. Zafara Baabur, whose the Falcon Signet, is handling promotion at the events she attends, including personal future teacher arm-twisting. She’ll also be visiting local supply stores asking for helpful nifty donations.

My next step is scheduling six hours of teachers for four classrooms. This project is keeping me busy while helping others throughout Calontir. I’m tickled the early feedback is encouraging. I hope to see you can come.

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