Free JSTOR For Your Use

I’m so excited. While I may be behind the times, I just found out I can now read free articles on JSTOR, Up to six a month.

I use to only be able to afford this by driving to my local university library where I paid for an economical annual membership. But it was worth it because it had JSTOR’s digitized issues of academic journals. The only other way to afford this was to be a college student or professor. 

Sorry, I neglected to tell you, JSTOR is short for Journal Storage and is a digital library founded in 1995. It has improved since I last used it because it now includes books, primary sources and full-text searches of 2,000 journals, with older domain content free.

Try it. But use Google Scholar for your topic first to see what Medieval academic stuff turns up. Then access it using your monthly six free reads. See what interesting nerdy stuff you can learn. 

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