How To Find The Source Of Undocumented Online Images

Unidentified Pinterest Image
You know those lovely illuminations you find on Pinterest when you search for scroll inspiration. Your perfect source but it has no manuscript information. There’s a way to find the source using the image. It’s called a “reverse image search.”

This technique is called “a reverse image search.” It analyzes the image contents itself comparing  its colors, shapes, and textures with a known sample. It does not use a picture’s associated keywords, tags, or descriptions.  

This helps you because you don’t need search terms or keywords. It saves you guessing at words that may not be related or use people’s fuzzy labeling. 

It helps you find images related to the sample or its popularity. It may also discover any altered or derivative works.

To reverse image search using Google Chrome:
  1. find your chosen internet image 
  2. right click on it 
  3. click on “search Google for image”
It’s simple, really. You can try it on the above Pinterest picture. 

What did you find? When I did it Google found more than 5 sites to check plus several computer-designated similar images. One interesting enough to explore further.

While not something you’ll use daily, it is another research skill for your tool-kit. A handy tool for those pesky undocumented manuscript images.

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