Quiz: 10 More Illuminated Manuscripts To Match With Their Names

My first manuscript illumination quiz was so popular, I have another one for you. Like the last one, you match 10 pictures of iconic illuminated manuscripts to their name.

These pictures are also Western European manuscripts from various locations and eras. Some served unique purposes. 

You’ll find the images on the left and their unmatched names on the right. All you have to do is match the name with its picture. Can you match them all?

Yes, I’m sneaky. I have not always used the most popular or well-known images. Also, there are more manuscript names than pictures. But all names are matchable. It’s just some manuscripts are known by more than one name.

If you are curious, stumped, or in a hurry to find the answer click on the word “link” in the caption below the image. It will take you to a Wikipedia page about the manuscript.

The manuscript titles in alphabetical order are:  Aberdeen Bestiary, Bedford Hours, Beatus Pierpont, Codex Gigas, Lindisfarne Gospels, Morgan Beatus, Psalter of Oswald, Ramsey Psalter, Roman de la Rose, Utrecht Psalter, Wenceslas Bible, Winchester Bible.


And the manuscripts are in no particular order. Enjoy.



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Quiz: Can You Match These 10 Illuminated Manuscripts With Their Names?

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