6 Scribal Books For Your Cyber-Monday Shopping

Hope you had a joyful friends and family filled Thanksgiving. I did.

Now it’s on to Black Friday shopping, for me at my local Barnes and Noble

B&N is the only national book retailer in Omaha. Even so, it is limited to trending books. 

I took a look at its scribal related books, hoping for inspiration. Sadly it’s lacking. 

There is David Harris’ The Calligrapher’s Bible, although The Art of Calligraphy would be more appropriate for a novice. And any SCA scribe must have a copy of Marc Drogin’s Medieval Calligraphy: It’s History and Technique. Sadly missing on this shelf.

There’s little here for illuminators, unless you count watercolor, illustration or drawing techniques. Nothing on history, gouache application, or medieval manuscript terminology.

Therefore, I give you a Cyber-Monday shopping guide for the novice SCA scribal person on your gift-giving list.

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