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From my visit August‎ ‎29‎, ‎2008

You may have figured this out already. If you haven’t you will soon. I love the British Library. It is your best online scribal friend. It will help you find your SCA C & I mojo.

The BL has a humongous ever growing digitized collection. Their Online Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts is free. And they’ve released them for public domain use. It’s where I get many pictures I share with you. They’ve even placed licensed images on Wikimedia Commons.

Recently the BL released seven videos by Patricia Lovett. She’s another fav of mine, a professional calligrapher and illuminator. The videos are all on the manuscript creation process. Perfect short videos on making quills, oak gall ink, vellum, page preparation, pigments, paint, and miniature production,

And if you have an early persona the BL has just what you want. A web-page focused on Medieval England and France, 700–1200. It explores 800 manuscripts from both UK and French national libraries.

I also love the British Library’s blogs. – Go figure. – Each blog’s written by experienced staffers in their topic. I regularly read the Medieval manuscripts blog. And get it by email.

The British Library’s collections are vast, diverse and rich. And they’re scanning more illuminations for your use every day. Whether for research or inspiration you’ll relish the art. Or just an interesting place to hang around.

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