Photos from Lonely Tower’s 12th Night 2017

Ladies Christine and Aleit
 checking in people.

Yesterday, I joined with many others to celebrate 12th Night in the Barony of the Lonely Tower. These winter festivities extend my New Year’s celebrations a week and enliven my dreary winter.

This annual event jump starts Calontir’s event calendar, with its striking armored combat and steel fighting challenges. 

Populace watching the two fighting list fields.

In their wisdom this time Their Majesties held a morning court to announce their desire to have His Excellency, Graf Volkmar welcomed into Their Order of the Pelican. (Sorry no pictures. I was working gate.)

Vigil Repast
Waiting to speak with Candidate

In Calontir the process to becoming a peer includes “sitting vigil”. The candidate has a private space to receive visitors who provide counsel and comment. While waiting guests partake of wonderful and exotic foods.

HL Natalya  with
her carving.
Natalya’s Carved Ball

There’s also time to chat and work on projects. HL Natalya is carving a multilayered wood ball. She’s separated the layers and is carving each one. Along with the project among other things she has researched who would have owned this, how it would be commissioned, and the symbols it would include. She enjoys researching the back story for each project she makes.

M. Jehanne Bening

This year’s focus was Italian Renaissance to celebrate Baroness Giulia‘s birthday. I even dug out my Italian Renaissance garb and had Lady Christine take my picture.

Fighting isn’t the only activity. There are delights for all Calontir’s warmhearted, non-fighting populace. Looks like the Fiber Guild found a place to meet.

The Barony held three Arts and Sciences competitions. 
  • Nordic Winter: (any medium) – Something describing, symbolizing, or allowing the survival of, a harsh Nordic Winter – to be judged by Their Majesties
  • Life on the Step(pes): (any medium) – Interpret as you choose – to be judged by Their Highnesses
  • 1350+ Italian States Decadence Table:  – Held in Honor of our wonderful Baroness Guilia’s Birthday.

“The Center” –that’s its whole name–in Council Bluffs also had space for Lonely Tower’s Inn. This year staffed by M. Tatjana’s household: Nikolai, Kathleen, Charles, Meagen, helped plan and serve; Astrid, served hot 
beverages and ended up working; Clare made the tasty home-baked bread; Roise provided supplies, extra food, soda, and advice. Alex and Tigernan provided muscles for lugging and hauling things.

B. Juliane, HL Clare, and L. Sammthan ably organized and staffed the silent auction donation multitude.


The Lilies War Committee held a well-attended meeting to plan the coming annual June event. There was much to discuss.

After lunch at the inn things wound down preparing for the coming court. I spent time counting money with L. Alit the Exchequer. 

People finished off vigil food.

Paid for their silent auction items.

M. Nesccia and some silliness.

And generally had fun.

I alway love court. Today’s was special because two loved Calontiri were taken into peerage Orders. Their Majesties also share notes of silliness, comment and announcements. I wish you could enjoy them there with me, but my few pictures will have to do.

Catrijn vanden Westhende’s Peerage Processional.

HL Catrijn being released as an apprentice by M. Magda
The writ making Catrijn a Laurel.

Count Sir Volkmar kneeling during his Pelican ceremony.
Volkmar swearing fealty as a Pelican
His Majesty displaying Volkmar’s Pelican scroll for all to see.

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