Throwback Thursday: Photos of SCA Lonely Tower’s 2005 Spring Fling Event

Looking for class handout files on old DVD discs… I stumbled upon more SCA photos! 

It’s been ten years plus since the Barony of the Lonely Tower held this Spring Fling Event. 

It was so much fun! Camping, cabins, catapults, classes, cooking and court.

Have a look. Do you recognize anyone? Is that you? Maybe it’s what’s their name? Are they still participating? 

Two medieval style fighters, one standing, one on his knees, weapons in hand, fighting.
Fighting in the sun, fun.
4 outdoor medieval style catapults with users, supplies, and watchers.
Trebuchets or catapults anyone?

Everyone has their own brand of fun. Some fight, some build, most learn.

A medievally dressed man teaching in front of many heraldic devices.
Heraldry Class
4 medievally dressed women at a table with kumihimo braiding supplies
Kuhmihimo Class

 Court, the biggest draw and any event’s highlight.

Outdoors, medievally dressed seated attendees looking toward one direction off photo.
Outdoor Court Captivates Audience

Calontir‘s Royal Majesties Tristram of Lindesfarne and Katrine Thorroffsdottir hold a court with Their Excellencies of Lonely Tower, Faolin and Tatjana. Many received honors that April 23rd 2005

Back view of several medievally dressed people looking toward the facing court of their King and Queen
Their Majesties Court In The Bright Evening Sun

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