Why Declutter Your Craftspace?

My Messy Craft Space

Ahem. It’s that time of year. The time for decluttering. That itch hits me every spring. Do you get that feeling too?

Spring is a time I feel compelled to purge and organize my craft supplies, SCA hobby materials, and tools. If I don’t act on it soon enough it gets lost in Lilies Prep time. Then each messes up the other and neither goes well.

There are people who have a minimalist storage style like my friend Grace. Any closet or drawer of hers you open is neat, simple and systematically organized. That’s not me. I’m an unruly craft supply collector.

Cube Under Construction

But, this time I really did it.

I switched my sewing station and a cube-shelf to the room’s other side and added a another cube thing near my painting station. The new one took only an hour or so to make. And I did it all by myself.

After the cube was done and my sewing table was under the open-curtained window. I moved a few smaller items and began sorting my materials and supplies. 

I know there are benefits to organizing your creative space, whatever its size or use. The obvious is it’s easier to find what you seek.

Over time I’ve learned there are other benies too. Going through your materials and tools cache unearths forgotten projects. Supply residuals remind me of forgotten finished projects. Things I since gave away or threw away. Unfinished projects call to me and intrigue me again. And buried treasures resurface like the gold leaf packet I found behind a storage bin. Sadly that happened after I replaced it.

In sorting, you see project bits you’ve done earlier revealing your skills’ progress. An unexpected complement to yourself. A deserved confidence boost.

I find cleaning and organizing soothing. As I sort and move things around my mind wanders. I’m taken away from the day’s news and personal travails. Done in 20 minute chunks it’s a mini stress-break and meditation. It’s energizing.

Furnishings Rearranged

Then – whatever its size – when you’re done you get that satisfying studio view all clutter-tamed and orderly. I feel proud. I’ve really accomplished something.

While I now have everything where I want it, I still have small items to sort. Unmarked inks, stray buttons, and a small tub of modern trims. But I’ll keep working. Using 20 minute time chunks it will be done before I know it.

Whether you minimize your craft cache – or not – the process is never a time-waster. Tidying-up offers you a collection review and life changes often result. Decluttering unscrambles the mind opening it to change. And mine needs all the unraveling it can get.

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