300 Posts And Counting

I want to say thank you to all my readers. You are the reason I continue writing. Your numbers are growing and that’s thrilling to me.

If you had told me when I started this in December of 2015 that I’d still be doing this in late 2018 I would have doubted you, if not telling you straight out, “No way”. 

I doubted I’d have enough ideas to interest you and keep you coming back for more. And it’s “kind of a big deal” because this is my 300th post. Can you believe it?

It is a challenge. But I love my SCA readers, the hobby, and the Society. So this is now a big way I continue to participate.

I also want to thank those who leave me comments below or stop me at event’s and ask questions. You are my dearest connections. You tell me what interests you and guide my future quests. So let me know what you want to see on here because I try to make this for you.

As we say,
“For the Dream.”

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