TBTh: Warthaven’s Master William Blackfox

Master William Blackfox (aka Mark Wallace), author and illustrator of the cartoon Warthaven, was, talented in many fields, including playing the bagpipes. He viewed everything in life as fun and generously gave the SCA his time and talents, until his untimely death in 1997.

For those of you who never had the pleasure of knowing William Blackfox, Master Chidiock’s poem describes him well.

Photo taken in 1990 at the
Coronation of Rorik and Morgana

The pipes are stilled, no longer will they sound,
To herald the beginning of a court,
No more with joy will revels now abound,
Nor will his voice of songs raise in support.

The quill laid down will not be used again,
To tell Warthaven’s tale in simple frames,
No longer at his wit shall we all grin,
Nor smile at his parodies of names.

Such a great soul gone, in but a blink,
And we are left to mourn in sorrow deep,
And though to his fond memory I’ll drink,
For now I can do nothing else but weep.

Oh William, it was too soon to depart,
We who remain will hold you in our hearts.

– Master Chidiock the Younger

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