Equity, Inclusion, and Chivalric Virtues

A timely and necessary post. Thank you La Bella Donna for your insight.

La Bella Donna

Over the next several months I will be teaching classes on the concepts of equity and inclusion in their relation to living history re-enactment for medievalists in general and for the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) specifically.

In our mission statement we declare that SCA is “devoted to the research and recreation of pre-17th-century skills, art, combat, culture..”

Everyone who wants to take part in this mission is welcome in the SCA. We codify the behavior we expect of all participants in our Core Values:

“SCA Statement of Core Values

In pursuing its mission, the SCA is committed to excellence in its programs, communications and activities and to

∙ act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service;

∙ value and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals;

∙ practice inclusiveness and respect pluralism and diversity;

∙ promote a safe and respectful environment for all SCA…

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