The ‘Craft’ Of Writing SCA Documentation

Entry displays each showing documentation
Entries Showing Documentation

The Barony of the Lonely Tower will be having their Arts and Sciences Championship competition this coming February. In this competition, the current champion sets the challenge for those interested in earning the honor.

This year, Honorable Lady Cristina la Ambeler challenged each entrant to submit two entries for judging -something you excel at, and another of something you are just learning. Our  Baron and Baroness will judge the entries along with  Cristina, the current Arts and Sciences’ Champion.

If you were to enter this competition, you would write documentation for each entry. How do you do that?  And how do you improve at writing it?

Here I give you resources to help you remove the scary from writing documentation. If you are new to this try the first link. The following ones also have sections on basic documentation that will help.

Each project requires different information depending on the materials, tools, and skills used. The items’ probable history will influence your writing too. So there are no set items to include. It’s more like an option smorgasbord.

You will also want to know the competition’s criteria. This competition always follows the Kingdom of Calontir’s Arts and Sciences Criteria. Wherever you enter, if the competition uses Kingdom Criteria, be sure to have a look at what judges expect to learn from you about your creation. Know also if the entries will be broken into sections: novice, intermediate, and advanced. Knowing these will relax you during your judging session.

Documentation doesn’t have to be scary. And you learn so much from writing about your project. It crystallizes your knowledge about your medieval creation.

These links will help you learn or improve your writing effort. Knowing how to go about it is just another learning experience. Welcome it!

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