Missing 12th Night

I didn’t plan to forgo 12th Night. I had handmade gifts for my Lonely Tower friends – lotion bars, lip balm, and chocolate dipped candy canes for their winter coffees. I had the Arts and Sciences competition things prepared and ready to go. Looking forward to my favorite winter holiday.

Sadly a serious out of town family emergency arose. A huge surprise. Now, what do I do?

I called my friend Honorable Lady Astrid and her immediate reply was “Family First”. She instantly stepped up and took over my event tasks, although I hadn’t asked her previously to be my deputy. She made it happen for me and for the Barony.

Astrid drove to my house. She cheerfully collected the judging forms and prizes plus the Barony’s Roll of Arms I had updated. She took them to the event and took over my whole day’s event tasks. A huge load off my shoulders. Thank you so very much, Astrid.

In Lonely Tower and Calontir, that’s what we do, we help each other. An immense help to me, even though I’m still sad. I missed 12th Night.

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